All credits to Paul Schilling, thank you.


In the DD menu, set Keyboard->TRACKING WIDTH to 4 octaves, and MIDDLE OCTAVE to 5. Also remember to have the volume knob at maximum for best signal to noise ratio.

This was very time consuming, so if you like these presets, please consider PayPal'ing me whatever they are worth to you, at


Patch list: DD_CS80_Presets_Patch_List.xlsx

CS80 preset bank download: CS80_preset_bank.p

(after backing up your DD's three .p bank files, unzip this and change the name of the CS80_preset_bank.p file to either dd_bank_1.p, dd_bank_2.p or dd_bank_f.p, depending on which bank you want the CS-80 presets to be in) 

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