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Projecttitel: Syinsi Stomper "Bassdrum Module"


Startdate: July 2016

Duedate: August 2016

Manufacture link:

STOMPER is a percussion generator that uses an unfiltered square-wave oscillator. Quickly sweeping the oscillator results in a satisfying high-q-sounding zip and thud thanks to all the crazy harmonics.


-Glorious 1 bit audio.
-CV on all controls.
-Gate output for external ADSR (or whatever).
-Clock or trigger input.
-Clock/Trigger Divider.
-Arduino-compatible programming header, code provided.
-Unused I/Os broken out for hacking.
-8HP Eurorack.


6 100nF Ceramic Disc Capacitors
4 10uF Radial Electrolytic Capacitors
3 100uF Radial Electrolytic Capacitors
2 20pF Ceramic Disc Capacitors
1 100R Resistor
9 1K Resistors
1 2K Resistor
5 10K Resistors
ATMEGA328P-PU DIL Microcontroller (supplied)
TL071P Opamp DIL08
2N3904 NPN Transistor
7805L TO92 5v 100ma Power Regulator
2 1n4007 Diodes
16 1n5817 Schottky Diodes
5 10kB Potentiometer 16mm PCB mount
3mm LED + bezel (for 6mm hole).
16MHz crystal
5x2 Header (Eurorack Power)
(optional) 1×4 Header (Programming)
8 3.5mm Kobiconn-style sockets with lugs
DIL28-3 Socket
DIL08 Socket